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My name is Rose Tyler. My life was boring until one day a man called the Doctor came into my life. He showed me the world with his blue box. I became his companion and this is the story of how I died.

The void was closing while the Daleks and Cyberman were still going in. A war started because of Torchwood Institute. Torchwood is a company taking alien knowledge and things. They study in the extra terrestrial. They opened up a void, a crack between parallel universes. Daleks and Cyberman came from the parallel universe. The doctor was able to push them in to the void. The doctor sent me to the parallel universe with my mum, dad, and Mickie. The teleportation device worked still so I came back. The doctor gave me a wall magnet and thats how we ended up where we are now.

," HOLD ON ROSE!" The Doctor screamed to me as I held on to the magnet. The force was strong, I would've fallen if it weren't for the magnet. Cyberman and Daleks came pouring in the room straight in to the void. London was soon to be clean from the invasion.  A loud beeping noise started. I turned and looked at the lever. The lever was slowly coming un-done, If I didn't pull it up, the void would close and the Daleks and Cyberman would come back out. I looked towards the Doctor. His face full of terror. I knew if I let go of the magnet, I would fall in. But the world was as stake. I let go, I clenched my hands around the lever. With all my force I pushed it forward. I held on to the lever with my life. The last of the Daleks were falling in. The force was too strong. I got blown off the lever and was about to fall in to the void. ," ROSE!" the doctor screamed still holding on. My dad appeared. He grabbed me and we were in the parallel universe.  ," The teleport device doesn't work anymore, he did it." My dad said taking his teleportation device off. ," NO TAKE ME BACK!" I said as tears began rolling down my cheek. I banged on the wall. I heard a thump on the other side. I leaned my head against the wall. I put my hand up. I heard him on the other side. Mickie, Mum, and dad stood there, not knowing what to say. I backed away from the wall and we left back home, well at least the home we have in this universe.
We settled in back home that day. That night, I had a dream, I heard a voice calling out my name. I told them about my dream, after what we've been through they believed me. The voice got louder where I stepped. In the morning we packed and set off to find what was calling me. We drove for hours, We ended up in Dalink Norway.  A beach. They stayed back at the car. I walked down the beach, the voice got louder and louder. I stood there for a minute. The voice stopped. I was about to turn around and just leave until I heard a almost TARDIS sound. I turned. I saw the doctor. He was see through. Standing still. ," Where are you?" I asked.

," In the TARDIS, there's one tiny little gap in the Universe left about to close, and it takes a lot of power to send this projection, I'm circling around a super nova" He started ," Burning up the sun just to say good-bye." He finished. Smiling a bit.

,"But you look like a ghost..." I said to him trying to see him clearly. ,"Hold on." The Doctor said pulling out his sonic screwdriver and pointing it at something. His figure was clear now, like he was there. I moved towards him reaching out my hand ," Can I tou-" I started. ," No I'm only a projection" He replied cutting me off. I put my arm down.

," Can you come here properly?" I asked in hopes of seeing him again.
," No, two universes would collapse.."
There was a pause. I was so happy to see him, even if it was just a projection. ," So er, where are we? Where did the gap come out?" He said looking around.
," Oh we're in Norway, about 50 miles up Bergen. Yeah it's good... Dalink old strandong." I said lying. It wasn't good. I went from a normal girl working, to seeing beyond what people know, to back where I started. How could I ever give that up?
,"Dalek?!" He said in a worried tone. ," No, Da-Link, Norwegian for bad wolf bay... How long have you got?" I said, my voice starting to crack.
," About two minutes." He replied. Two minutes, to say good bye to the one person that made my life, just everything. ," I don't even know what to say..." I started.
," So there's five of you now? What about you? What are you doing?" He asked trying to lighten the mood. ," Oh um, I'm back working a the shop, it's pretty good."

," Good for you" He smiled. ," Oh shut up." I said letting out a small laugh ," Torchwood on this universe is open for business, Guess I know a thing or two about aliens." I smiled. ," Rose tyler, Defender of the earth..." the Doctor smiled ," Your dead back home, you were on the list of the dead, but here you are living here day after day."

I started to cry. Tears rolled down my cheek ," Am I ever going to see you again?" I said crying. ," You can't." The doctor's said as his smile faded. ," What are you going to do?"

," Aye, well I have a TARDIS, same old life as always, last of the Timelords." He said.
," I..."  I started to say, as now I was really crying, my heart was broken, the love of my life, my old life, just ripped apart from me. ," I love you."
,"Quite right too... and I suppose last chance to say it, Rose Tyler"
Then, he disappeared. I put my hand over my face and bawled. My mum ran over to me and hugged me. I promised myself from that point on, I'd do what ever it takes to get to him again.
This is a Fanfiction for the british series Doctor Who. This is a alternate ending to the episode Doomsday. Making it a book.

So if you don't know Doctor who, either keep reading, or just leave.

Doctor who is a show that is continuing on from the 1960's. This is a fanfiction from the 10th doctor with rose. When the doctor is about to die or hurt, he regenerates, same memories, looks different, acts different. He's a speacies called: TimeLord. He looks human. His main enemys are Cyberman, which are robots, and daleks which are aliens in a robot. In this continuation, rose will come back and stay, Because she actually can't come back but this is my fanfiction... so c; But what happens is what I put at the top. So by now you should get it.

blue6286 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I have a question o: Why do you put commas before each quotation mark? o:
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Thats the way I learned sister c;
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